In light of these evaluations, our approach to the concept of sustainability, which MOGAN Energy has embraced as its mission, consists of a 5-point vision for a more livable world, environment, and future.

  • Human
  • Nature
  • Production
  • Consumption
  • Harmony

HUMAN: The concept of sustainability is a tool for elevating human life. While producing for a more livable future, we position all our business practices with a human-centered perspective.

NATURE: Nature, the reason for our existence, is not only crucial for individuals but also for societies created by individuals and institutions and companies in the service of societies. MOGAN Energy conducts all its production modeling in different sectors in harmony with nature, with a respectful and environmentally friendly approach. Our extensive reforestation efforts in various regions of Turkey, including our clean energy investments, are indicative of this.

PRODUCTION: It is clear that shaping the future will not be possible without production. Production should be carried out in a model that is human-centered, respectful to nature and the environment, and builds the futures of societies.

CONSUMPTION: As long as humanity exists, consumption will continue, albeit changing in form. However, consumption should be primarily respectful to nature, value recycling, and aim to leave a livable environment for future generations.

HARMONY: Human – Nature – Production – Consumption; if this chain is carried out correctly, with a sense of responsibility and coordination among all institutions, the goal will be achieved, and sustainability harmony will be realized.