Mission, Vision and Values


Our group, founded in 1958, successfully continues its operations in various fields through the dedicated efforts of over 8000 employees, guided by a management philosophy based on the mutual benefits of our extensive team, comprising both experienced and young individuals.


As our founder, Mr. İdris Yamantürk, has stated: “Like every company, GÜRİŞ’s goal is to grow. However, GÜRİŞ will pursue this growth within a balance and, above all, will sustain it by preserving its reliability.”.


Today, our main duty is to follow his words, the goals of MOGAN Energy are:

  • To grow by preserving the trust of individuals and companies we are collaborating with.
  • To contribute to our country’s economy with domestic and renewable energy investments in order to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign energy for a sustainable future.
  • In the energy sector; To provide the most reliable, innovative and cost-effective products, services and solutions with renewable, clean and national energy resources.
  • To fulfill our responsibilities towards humanity, environment, legislation and universal values.
  • To continuously and significantly increase the value we add to our employees, society and the environment.


Our embraced mission by the top management and our employees is to invest in the domestic and renewable energy sector, contributing to the country’s economy by reducing energy dependency, involving our stakeholders in all processes of our activities, fostering a relationship based on mutual trust to meet their and our customers’ needs, and maintaining the highest level of satisfaction in our business endeavors.


To meet the increasing energy demand in our country and generate national energy from local sources, we persistently pursue our endeavors.


As the largest leading WPP investor in our country, to increase our production in renewable energy and to ensure the continuation of our investments in order to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign energy.


We will continue contributing to the national economy with our present and future investments in the field of renewable energy sector.


Our vision for the future in renewable energy: To be one of the leading energy companies in Turkey that enables the use of new technological products such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, storage and hybrid power plants, while continuing to invest in clean energy in the fields of wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric energy.


MOGAN Energy, which we have successfully maintained and will continue to grow with the same stability: Service-oriented, giving importance to technology and engineering, open to innovations and development, respectful to life and nature, valuing its stakeholders, employees and customers, with the differences it creates. will continue to be a reliable company that continues its leadership.



The foundation of our continuing success since 1958 is our company values. As members of GÜRİŞ, we have embraced the importance of


  • To know that the greatest power is to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest,
  • To care about individuals, society and environment,
  • To be transparent,
  • To never ignoreocial justice,
  • To always provide customer-oriented services,
  • To continue improving our services in the light of rising needs and innovationsts,
  • To ensure effective and efficient utilization of resources,
  • To value experience and also to share knowledge,
  • To support individual growth and team work,
  • To never compromise on quality, work safety and environmental matters for sustainable success,
  • To pursue a growth that is for the social interest,
  • To adopt and implement a sustainability approach with the awaraness of economic, environmental and social responsibilities to all internal and external partners.
  • To value morality and ethics primarily, and act in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, national and international standards.
Mission, Vision and Values